Cutting-Edge Veterinary Diagnostic Radiology & Ultrasound for Pets

We are perfectionists regarding your pet’s veterinary medical and surgical care. We want to accurately diagnose health problem, so we can offer you solid and effective treatment options. Being sticklers for detail, we made the decision very early in our practice to invest in the best and newest technological advances, such as digital radiology and digital ultrasound equipment. This advanced technology enables us to deliver state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging capabilities.

Diagnostics are a critical aspect of veterinary medicine, especially since our pets cannot communicate to us what is wrong. A thorough medical history and physical examination are paramount; these findings frequently narrow the possible differential diagnosis to be ruled in or out. At times, they suggest the need for specialized imaging to most accurately delineate the problem. The Carlson Animal Hospital team utilizes state-of-the-art non-invasive radiology and ultrasound to help diagnose pet illnesses and injuries. Radiology consultants are enlisted to correlate medical image findings with other examinations and tests to help in the diagnosis of many disease conditions.

Veterinary Diagnostic Radiology & Ultrasound for Pets In Western Chicago Suburbs

Digital pet X-rays are vastly superior to the older film X-rays still utilized at many veterinary hospitals. Used for many years at Carlson Animal Hospital, digital radiology provides better images at a higher resolution, allowing more accurate assessment of the structures imaged. Plus, they are immediate and can be stored or emailed for a specialist consultation without your pet leaving our community, if warranted. This advanced technology has truly revolutionized the way in which we practice medicine.

Ultrasound is a noninvasive, advanced technology that utilizes sound waves to examine specific internal organs (liver, kidneys, intestine, spleen, pancreas, urinary bladder, heart, etc.) and other soft tissues. Ultrasounds are an important diagnostic tool and augment X-rays, since they may show "real-time function" vs. the still images X-rays provide. Our ultrasound machine has color flow doppler capabilities, allowing assessment of blood flow within vessels and various organs. Ultrasound can also be used to safely guide collection of cells or tissue samples for advanced diagnostics.

A board-certified veterinary radiologist reviews many of the X-rays and all of the ultrasound images. He or she will write a report as an aid to our diagnosis and treatment of our patients. We are pleased to have two dedicated radiology specialists as part of our team at Carlson Animal Hospital.

I feel extremely confident going to Carlson Animal Hospital. I do not believe there is another doctor(s) who could provide the service they provide. I can call anytime and receive any and all information needed. They reassure me in uncomfortable situations and don’t waste my money. We are on very satisfied. Time and time again the doctors have gone over and above to what is needed.

– Andrea Barr

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