Safe & Friendly Pet Boarding Services and Medical Supervision

As a service to our clients and patients, we offer pet boarding and limited grooming.

Boarding for Cats & Dogs

We’ve recently renovated our kennels, expanding and improving our accommodations. Everyone on staff participates in caring for our boarders. That way, our staff gets to know (and enjoy!) your pet, and your pet benefits from the attention of familiar trained medical personnel.

Boarding and Grooming at Carlson Animal Hospital

In addition to modern runs, dogs are walked on leashes two to three times a day in the neighborhood, which provides the familiarity of a home routine. Many of our clients value the service of professional boarding, which is superior to other types of boarding situations. Benefits and features include:

  • Pet-safe environments
  • Safe, secure enclosures
  • Clean accommodations, free of fleas and other parasites
  • Proper climate control, ventilation, and lighting
  • Structured and consistent feeding, exercise, and play
  • Staff trained to recognize distress or illness
  • Comfortable bedding and sleeping areas

Grooming Services

We offer baths, nail trims, and ear cleanings upon request. Basic grooming is important to your pet’s overall health. Keeping your pet’s ears and teeth clean and the coat free of mats is important. Did you know that mats are actually uncomfortable for your pet? Mats can pull on the skin, causing pain. We also provide stylish lion cuts for severely matted cats.

For more information on boarding and grooming rates or to book a stay, please contact us at (708) 383-3606.

We have been very pleased with our experiences over the last two years for both our cat and our dog. The staff are professional and really knows our pets.

– Dan & Elizabeth Teague

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