Right pawed or left pawed? Which is your pet’s preference?

Is your cat or dog left-handed or right-handed? What can that tell you about his/her behavior and health?

Our handedness is a part of our identity.  For those of you lefties who make up approximately 10% of the population, your handedness can be a point of pride and a source of frustration, having to live in a world designed for right-handed people.  It is suggested that your handedness may even be linked to certain personality traits.  But have you ever thought about whether your furry friends might have a paw preference? (https://www.carlsonanimalhospitals.com/blog/2018/08/right-pawed-or-l…-pets-preference)

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We are new patients and have seen Dr. Carlson. This is by far the best vet clinic any of my dogs have been to and all of the staff are friendly, caring and helpful.

– Debbie Hanford

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