Contest extension - Dental Health Photo Contest

We had some technical difficulties with our email, so we have extended our contest through the end of March.

We apologize to those who sent us pictures that did not arrive as expected.  So please - keep sending in your pictures (our email is or come by the office and we'll take your pet's picture in our dental health kissing booth! 

We've updated our orginal post with the revised dates:

We're holding a "Kissing Booth Dental Health" pictures contest - please join in on the fun! And, possibly win $100 toward your pet's next dental cleaning at Carlson Animal Hospital.

To celebrate Pet Dental Health Month 2018, we are having a photo contest! Participants “best kiss” or “smile” photos will be featured on our Facebook page or be displayed in our lobby. Voting will take place on Facebook (likes/loves) and in the lobby of Carlson Animal Hospital through the end of March.

Our goal is to raise awareness for the importance of oral health and of course have fun photographing our furry friends.

Participants are invited to stop in our office to receive a toothbrush or sample toothpaste, and a Valentine bandanna while supplies last. Five Carlson Animal Hospital clients, and their pet, will win $100 off their next dental cleaning (within one year of entry). Non-participants and participants are encouraged to vote via Facebook or in the lobby for their favorite smile or kiss.

Additional details:

When is the contest?:
• Photos will be accepted from February 1st -28th.
• Voting will continue until March 31st. (We extended the contest due to technical issues with our email.)
• Winners will be announced online and in our office between March 31st and April 6th.

How will winners be chosen?:
1 via Facebook, 1 from in-office entries, and 3 selected randomly from all entries.

How to Enter our Pet Photo Contest for February - March 2018?:

Entering via our Facebook page:
1.) Email your photo to with the subject line “Pet Photo Contest.”
2.) Your email must include your full name (as listed in our files) and your pet's name.
3) We will post them on our Facebook page.


Entering at Carlson Animal Hospital ( in our lobby):
1.) Please bring a copy of your 4 x 6 photo into our office.
2.) We will label it for you and display it within 24 hours of entry

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The entire staff is very friendly and caring. I can tell by how Muffin reacts as to how friendly a staff member is. When I first started bringing her to Carlson Animal Hospital, she was very frightened, now it’s like she is with all her friends. Keep up the good work.

– Ronnaleigh Schmidt

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