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Fireworks and Thunderstorm Fears and anxiety

Sunday, July 1st, 2018

Get ready… firework and thunderstorm season is upon us! For many pet owners, this can be a trying time. The loud booms of fireworks and thunder leave many pets distraught. So what’s a pet owner to do?

How do I know if my pet has storm or firework anxiety?

Thunderstorm and firework anxiety is a type of noise phobia. Pets with noise phobias have an irrational fear of certain types of noises, often loud unpredictable sounds like thunder and fireworks. Animals can manifest this fear in many ways, but the most common behaviors that signal firework or thunderstorm anxiety in cats and dogs are pacing, trembling, hiding, panting, destructive behavior, drooling, dilated pupils, racing heart rate and sometimes urinary or fecal accidents. (more…)